Fan TV Editorial Image Tool

Developer, Hack, Problem Solver


Oh my … what … is … this? Sooo, in addition to designing and maintaining the Fan TV family of products, the Design Team at Fan TV is also responsible for marketing materials, branding, internal tools design, and editorial content production. Weekly editorial email images and editorial images for the set-top box interface are trivial enough tasks, but often were irregularly timed and could become disruptive to momentum and progress on product work.

One afternoon, I decided to finally knock this bad boy out. It was quick and dirty, but has served its purpose and allowed the editorial team complete ownership of creating the weekly TV images.

To use

  1. Drag-and-drop an image to the blank grey canvas area
  2. Resize by dragging the bottom right corner of the image
  3. Update the text via the text fields at the top of the page
  4. Click the Trump-face button to save to your desktop

So why include this monstrosity? Well, aside from it’s clear aesthetic resplendence, this work is representative of a number of quick and dirty tools created to unblock teams and individuals and ensure forward momentum. Quick problem solving that serves it’s purpose, and on which we can iterate in the future should we need.

... and also cats, space, fire, and a Trump button.