Watching Habits

Product Definition + Development

Overview was an experiment – an internal tool I created as a side project, in an effort to encourage consideration of counter-opinions, and increase user-empathy within the Fan TV team. It is a simple variable-path survey, which the team was asked to use any time we turned on our TV or changed the channel input. The goal was to better understand user intent. We could debate for days as to whether users knew what they wanted to watch when they sat down in front of the television, or whether segmenting content by Movies vs. Shows was relevant to users’ consideration in what they wanted to watch, but without asking these questions at the time of interaction, all arguments were nothing more than speculation.

What we found, was that it was not so cut and dry. Context and time of day played a major role in user intent, and assumptions about different viewing types (e.g., “passive” vs “active”) were validated.

Primary Contributions